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Danaecare form part of the SAELA PRODUCTION association that worked to produce the documentary Behind the White Coat, which will be shown in universities, medical schools and other institutions as a conference-debate.

The authors-directors



Born on March 17,1986.

I have a doctorate in law and I specialise in environmental and water law. My thesis, completed at the University Lyon 3 (France), is entitled "The legal status of water is put to the test by environmental challenges". The paper was published in the Johanet library in January 2015: http://www.editions-johanet.net/statut-juridique-de-eau-epreuve-exigences-environnementales-o67

For five years I have had the pleasure to teach in French universities (Lyon 3, Reims) and in universities abroad (Armenia, Egypt). I have also held conferences at universities (Lyon 3) and at associations  (Rhone-Alpes Federation for the Protection of Nature, the League for Protection of Birds) on legal issues relating to the environment.

Thanks to my teaching and research experience, I have learnt the importance of involving students in discussions not just on the environment, but also on health - which is closely  linked to the environment –  and the challenges facing society. All of this is demonstrated in "The Hippocrates-Conferences" and is the reason why I feel I must promote the Documentary with André.

André SIMONNET                                                              


Born on April 21, 1989.

I am the director of the documentary and a photojournalist.
After leaving engineering school in 2011, I turned towards my passion of making documentaries. Before I became a self-taught director, I worked in French television, helping to produce the documentaries «“The Eye: Between Art and Science" (how science can help art and how art can help science) and "The Intangible Heritage of Humanity" (what the untouchable heritage of humanity is and how can we conserve it) With these invaluable experiences, I could not resist  embarking on the "Hippocrates-Conferences" adventure together with Julia.

We never ask ourselves : "How is my health-care provider doing?"


The SAELA PRODUCTION association

Established in 2012, SAELA PRODUCTION is a public interest, non-profit association set up under  French law 1901.

The association's board comprises the president, André SIMONNET, the deputy president, Julia GUDEFIN, and the treasurer, Miriam MOKHFI.

The association's objective is to film, produce and promote documentaries, as well as audio-visual and photographic productions, in order to defend values such as altruism, empathy, equality; to promote justice and to combat ignorance.

The association has no religious or political affiliations.

The documentaries are promoted and shown  to all audiences, in all communities.

The SAELA PRODUCTION association has promoted "The Hippocrates-Conferences" since it was formed in 2012. Originally,  the documentary was intended to be shown on television during a standard 52-minute showing. However, during the early filming in India and in Afghanistan, the need to establish a dynamic connection with health-care providers, students, universities, politicians and patients around the world became clear. In simple terms, producing the documentary had to be an active and constructive process.

This is why, after 3 years of preparation, the documentary comprises a conferences section and an interactive module.  Health-care providers, students, academics, politicians and patients were therefore invited to participate in the creation of this documentary-conference so that together we could develop a global discussion on the health-care provider/patient relationship.                                                           




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